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Tenacore offers an array of equipment repair services to support hospitals and keep repair costs to a minimum. All repairs are performed by qualified engineers and follow a fully traceable ISO 13485:2016 certified repair process. Click below to learn about our various repair services and how Tenacore can help keep your equipment up and your repair costs down.



Tenacore offers timely and dependable multi-vendor repair services for an array of patient monitoring equipment including monitors, modules, and telemetry transmitters. Our OEM trained engineers perform repairs at the component level to provide significant savings over repair and exchange with the OEM. Click here to learn how Tenacore’s patient monitoring repair services can extend the life of your equipment without extending your budget.



Tenacore is fully capable of supporting the repair of your fetal monitoring accessories. In addition to manufacturing OEM compatible fetal transducers, we offer repair services for ultrasound and toco transducers as well as fetal leg plate cables for HP/Philips, GE/Corometrics, and Huntleigh fetal monitors. Our fetal monitoring repair services offer a valuable alternative to exchange with the OEM. Click here to learn more.



As a manufacturer of CE marked oxygen blenders, Tenacore is more than qualified to support EBME departments with the maintenance of blenders. Whether you lack the time or the training necessary to perform blender overhauls in house or you just can’t be bothered, our technicians are available to assist you with the maintenance of your oxygen blenders and to ensure your blenders are working to OEM specifications. Click here to learn more about Tenacore’s overhaul service and the makes we support.



Tenacore offers multi-vendor repair services for ultrasound and transoesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) probes. Our engineers are capable of performing complex mechanical, electrical, and acoustical repairs to return your probe to “like new” condition. The service provides tremendous savings over exchange and replacement with the OEM, and all probe repairs are guaranteed for one year. Click here to find out how Tenacore’s probe repair service is the clear choice when it comes to the maintenance of your imaging equipment.

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