At Tenacore, we appreciate that hospital budgets are shrinking and that departments are being tasked to do more with less. As such, we strive to support departments with quality and cost-effective products that don’t jeopardise patient safety. Click below to learn more about our line of OEM compatible fetal transducers and our range of oxygen blenders, flowmeters, and blender maintenance kits.


Tenacore UK has partnered with to offer an online solution to purchasing SPO2, EKG, ECG, NIBP, IBP and Temp Cables and Sensors.


Tenacore offers a line of high-quality OEM compatible fetal transducers for HP/Philips and GE/Corometrics fetal monitors. Click here to learn why Tenacore’s OEM compatible transducers have become the preferred alternative for cost savvy hospitals worldwide.

*Available outside of Europe


Tenacore’s line of oxygen blenders offer a reliable and affordable means of mixing medical air and oxygen. Available in 30L Low Flow and 120H/L High-Low Flow models, Tenacore’s oxygen blenders can be customised to meet the requirements of nearly any environment. Click here to learn more about Tenacore’s oxygen blenders and what sets our blender apart from the rest.

*Available outside of Europe


Tenacore offers blender overhaul kits for most major manufacturers. The kits include all the parts necessary to perform manufacturer’s recommended biennially maintenance. We source only the highest quality components for our blender overhaul kits from a handful of trusted ISO certified suppliers. With Tenacore’s blender overhaul kits, you can be assured that components meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. Click here to find the kit you need. If you require assistance with your blender overhauls, click here.


Tenacore’s high-quality blender mounts are manufactured of anodized aluminum to support your blender as securely as possible. They can be mounted to the wall, or to other mounting devices like pole clamps or equipment rail brackets. Click here to find the blender mount you need.