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Philips M3015A

Philips M3015A

Microstream CO2 is an innovative, advanced technology for sidestream capnography. The Philips Microstream CO2 Extension is designed to work with the Philips Multi-Measurement Module (MMS) and IntelliVue X2 and provides a real-time waveform and numeric values for CO2 on the Philips patient monitor display. Furthermore, Integrated Pulmonary Index™ (IPI)* helps caregivers to manage four complicated monitoring parameters with a single number.

The Microstream CO2 Extension is a lightweight, rugged, plug-and-play unit that easily attaches to the Multi-Measurement Module and travels with a patient. At the bedside, the MMS/Extension combination can be connected to IntelliVue and M3/M4 patient monitors.

During transport, the unit stores patient demographics and up to eight hours of patient trend data, as well as calibration and measurement settings.
  • Details

    The combination of the MMS and Microstream CO2 Extension provides all of these measurements in one compact unit:

    - ECG
    - Respiration
    - SpO2
    - Blood pressure (invasive and non-invasive)
    - Temperature
    - CO2
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