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Brands Serviced

Tenacore services the following brands' oxygen blenders for both high and low flow models:

  • Bird

  • Biomed Devices

  • Sechrist

  • Ohmeda

  • Precision Medical

  • Siemens

  • Tri-Anim

Oxygen blender manufacturers recommend that blenders be overhauled biennially to ensure that components have not been compromised and that patients receive the appropriate mixture of medical air and oxygen.


Tenacore fully understands the importance of precision and accuracy in their maintenance and offers a comprehensive blender overhaul service. With Tenacore, you can trust that your blenders are overhauled and calibrated to OEM specifications.


For a standard blender overhaul we


  1. Completely disassemble the unit

  2. Cleanse the blocks

  3. Inspect all components and replace if necessary*

  4. Replace o-rings, filters, and diaphragms

  5. Re-assemble the unit

  6. Test and calibrate the unit per OEM specifications

  7. Provide full service report

All overhauls are performed at our state of the art facility using only the highest quality parts, which have been rigorously sourced for biocompatability. Blender overhauls are performed under an ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system and are warranted for 12 months. 


Blender overhauls are typically turned around in 7-10 days, but should you require it, we can provide loaners or exchanges. 


Perform your own blender overhauls? Click here for information on Tenacore’s blender overhaul kits.



*Additional charges may apply for replaced components.


Other Repair Services

Need Equipment Repairs?

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